Who We Are


A community with access to quality mental health care.


To improve the lives of people in our community by providing low-fee psychotherapy to those in need, and education, training, and supervision to those who serve.


HAPS aims to fit our approach to the client, not the other way around. To meet that goal, our interns are given training in a variety of perspectives and techniques so that they may support clients to reach and maintain a healthier level of functioning than previously possible.


HAPS BoD - 2014

In our community, psychotherapy is easily affordable for the affluent, and publicly funded programs exist to serve the very poor. But between these two extremes are many who do not have insurance and whose incomes cannot quite meet the cost of psychotherapy. Haight Ashbury Psychological Services (HAPS) was created to fill that gap, so that everyone in our community can have access to quality professional care. HAPS also provides superior training, education and supervision for masters and doctoral students working towards licensure and a career in mental health.

These two aims led Drs. Matthew McKay and Peter Rogers to leave the Haight Ashbury Detox Center over 30 years ago and open HAPS. Currently under the direction of Lisa Frankfort, Ph.D., LMFT and Donna Zoll, LMFT, the clinic works on a broad array of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, family concerns, recovery from past abuse, life transitions such as school, career and parenting, and lesbian and gay concerns. Therapy may be short or long term, and we work with individuals, couples and groups.

Our approach at HAPS is to fit the treatment to each individual client. We do not believe that one methodology can accommodate everyone who walks through our doors. To that end, our interns receive training in a variety of perspectives and techniques so that they may better support their clients in reaching and maintaining a healthier, happier life.

Clinical Directors

Lisa Frankfort, Ph.D., LMFT

Donna Zoll, LMFT

Board of Directors

Barton Shulman, President

Erika Boissiere, Vice President

Tina Asti, Treasurer

Erika Hoyle

Saskia Ison

Minali Nebhnani

Sarah Lee Winstead

Bella Yousif

Clinical Supervisors

Robyn Alagona Cutler, LMFT

Frank Di Pelesi, Psy.D.

Lisa Frankfort, Ph.D., LMFT

Morgan Howson, LMFT

Lee Lipp, Ph.D., LMFT

Scott Perna, Psy.D.

Paul Silverman, LMFT, LPCC

Donna Zoll, LMFT



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